Big Fat Dragon Bakery has been in my imagination for years and is finally becoming reality. I love discovering delicious flavor and texture combinations and finding the best way to present them, be it as a tiny cookie or a decadent multi-layered towering cake! As a British born lover of sweets, I consider dessert wonderful for after dinner but truly fabulous as an afternoon treat. The afternoon tea tradition is alive and well in my home and you’ll see its influence in the items offered.

Whether your favorite sweet moment is enjoying a slice of cake in the evening, a cookie in the afternoon, or leftover pie for breakfast, I hope you’ll consider Big Fat Dragon Bakery for all your sweet tooth cravings!

with love and sweet regards

RachelSig1Dragon & David


Big Fat Dragon Bakery – a dessert catering company
Phoenix, AZ

Wait, what’s with the big fat dragon?!

Well, when I was a little girl, my Grandpa, Michael, used to tell my brother and me bedtime stories about a big fat dragon who would come to our window at night and whisk us away to a magical land called Wasis where we would fight evil witches and befriend watchmaking wizards. As the stories grew, all the members of our family got their own characters with Grandpa, of course, being the Big Fat Dragon. My Grandpa was an artist and we painted the map below together with my brother when I was nine. For me, the big fat dragon stories are where imagination and family live together, and that’s what a great dessert can be too. A delicious, imaginative way to share in a sweet moment with the ones you love.

Original Wasis